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Da Vinci assisted robotic coronary bypass surgery speeds recovery.

At just 44, Joanna was told there was a 90 per cent blockage in one of the arteries in her heart. she was ideal for a keyhole coronary bypass operation using the new da Vinci Xi robot. “It allows us to do safe, minimally invasive open-heart surgery through smaller cuts, so you get back to normal function faster,”

Unlike traditional coronary bypass surgery, where patients must be hooked up to a heart-lung machine, this operation is done while the heart is still beating “We do this because it reduces the incidence of stroke. The chance of having a stroke in our hands is a fraction of one per cent.”

Apple watch saves student’s life

Mr Love had a dangerous abnormality- a hole in his heart that he’d had since birth.

His upper lung was also pumping into the wrong atrium of his heart – the right side instead of the left.

“So the blood needlessly circulates around the lung and doesn’t get out into the rest of his body,” his cardiothoracic surgeon Professor Michael Wilson explained. View story here.

Article by Sophie Walsh, Reporter Channel Nine News